Steve Rubel Launches Skin Cancer Blog

Posted on November 2, 2005

Popular blogger Steve Rubel has launched the Skin Cancer Blog, which provides news and information about skin cancer as wel as links to skin cancer resources. Steve says he "founded this blog in 2005 after I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma -- the most common and curable form of cancer."

In addition to Steve's helpful blog there are daily news articles about skin cancer and websites like which provide general information as well as information about the different types of skin cancer and how to prevent skin cancer. One sad fact about skin cancer is that many teens and twenty-somethings still sun tan or use tanning booths despite the fact that tanning and sun exposure increase a person's risk for skin cancer and wrinkles.

A recent Herald Sun has more about young people's disregard for sun safety.

More than 1300 Australians die each year from skin cancer and those who use solariums are increasing their risk of the illness. Solariums emit ultraviolet rays up to five times stronger than the midday summer sun, information from the Cancer Council shows. Despite this, young people are flocking to tanning clinics particularly in the lead up to summer.

Associate Professor John Kelly from the Victorian Melanoma Service said an increasing number of his patients were frequent solarium users.

"These are people who are paying the ultimate price for fashion," Prof Kelly said. "The irony is that by making themselves look more attractive, they're actually putting their health at risk and causing premature ageing."

He said many Australians falsely believed solarium tanning was safer than sunbaking.

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