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Rice University Scientists Create Nanoscale Submarines (November 21, 2015): Scientists at Rice University have created fast moving nanoscale submarines powered by UV light. It's not quite The Fantastic Voyage, but it's a start.

MIT Autonomous Drone Avoids Objects Using Obstacle-Detection System (November 6, 2015): MIT researcher Andrew Barry developed a new obstacle-detection algorithm that enables autonomous drones to detect and avoid obstacles in real-time.

Scientists Control the Bubbles of Boiling Water (November 1, 2015): Scientists at MIT say they have found a way to control the bubles of boiling water using a small electric charge.

Scientists Develop Technique for Producing 3D Printed Plastic Hair (October 29, 2015): Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have developed a technique to 3D print hair-like strands.

Researchers Invent a Sonic Tractor Beam (October 27, 2015): Researchers from the University of Sussex have invented what they are calling a sonic tractor beam that uses holographic acoustic elements to levitate objects.

Cornell University Engineers Develop 3D-Printed Robotic Tentacles (October 24, 2015): Engineers at Cornell University have develop a method for 3D-printing robotic tentacles. An elastomeric material was used.

Harvard's RoboBee Can Now Dive and Swim Underwater (October 21, 2015): Harvard's insect robots, called RoboBees, can now swim underwater. The robots using a modified flapping technique when underwater.

Cornell Researchers Create Artificial Foam Heart (October 19, 2015): Cornell University researchers have created an artificial foam heart. A mold for the heart is created with a 3D printer.

PolyEyes 2.0 Device Lets Wearer See in 180 Degrees (October 19, 2015): A strange looking device called PolyEyes 2.0 lets users see in two directions at once.

Flying Drone and Walking Robot Work Together to Navigate a Room (October 18, 2015): A flying and walking robot work together to navigate a room and avoid obstacles.

Microsoft's Anechoic Chamber Sets Guinness World Record for the Quietest Place on Earth (October 16, 2015): Microsoft's Anechoic Chamber has set the Guinness World Record for the Quietest place on Earth.

Microscopic Honey Bee Eye Photograph Wins Nikon Small World Contest (October 15, 2015): The close-up image of the eye of a honey bee covered in dandelion pollen won the 2015 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition.

Tech Company Developing 3D Billboards Like in Back to the Future (October 11, 2015): Tech companies are working on the technology to make 3D billboard displays without the need for 3-D glasses.

Laundroid is a Laundry Folding and Washing Robot (October 10, 2015): Japanese technology firms have collaborated on a robot called Laundroid, which is designed to fold clothes.

Disney Research Technology Brings Colored Drawings to Life (October 9, 2015): Disney has unveiled an augmented reality app that brings characters from colored drawings to life.

DARPA Gives Helicopters Robotic Legs (September 20, 2015): DARPA is working on robotic landing gear for helicopters so they can land on irregular and moving surfaces.

Cancer Patient Receives 3D Printed Titanium Sternum and Rib Cage (September 19, 2015): A cancer patient in Australia received a 3D printed titanium sternum and rib cage in the first surgey of its kind.

Google Launches Project Sunroof to Show Solar Energy Potential of Homes (August 18, 2015): Google has launched Project Sunroof to show people the solar energy potential of their homes.

Future Robots May Use Gecko Grippers to Cling to Outside of the ISS (August 18, 2015): Future robots on the International Space Station may use a technology called Gecko Grippers which is inspired by how geckos climb.

Los Angeles Covers Reservoir With 96 Million Shade Balls (August 17, 2015): Los Angeles is using shade balls to help protect the water in its reservoir.

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