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New Biometric Technology Uses Your Skull as the Password (May 12, 2016): A new biometric security technology uses your skull to allow you access. It is being used in connection with eyewear computers.

Researchers Develop Gloves That Translate Sign Language (April 29, 2016): Researchers have developed gloves that translate sign languate into text or speech. The gloves won the $10,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize.

Stanford's Robotic Mermaid OceanOne Explores 17th Century Shipwreck (April 29, 2016): Stanford developed a robotic memaid called OceanOne that can explore shipwrecks. It recently went on its maiden voyage

Scientists Build World's Tiniest Thermometer Using DNA (April 28, 2016): Scientists from the University of Montreal announced they have created the world's smallest thermometer using DNA.

Ultrathin E-skin Records Real-Time Health Data and Provides Digital Display (April 18, 2016): A new ultra-thin e-skin developed by University of Tokyo researchers could provide a digital display on your skin. It could also act as a sensor for health data says as heart rate.

Columbia Engineers Develop Flexible Sheet Cameras (April 15, 2016): Columbia engineers have developed flexible sheet cameras. The cameras can be wrapped around everyday objects such as a street pole.

Researchers Develop Composite Metal Foam That Turns Bullets Into Dust on Impact (April 11, 2016): Researchers from NC State have developed a composite metal foam that turns armor-piercing bullets into dust on impact.

Researchers Build World's Smallest Lattice Structure (February 2, 2016): Researchers at the Karlsruher Institute for Technology have built the world's smallest lattice structure. The total size of the latest is about 10 um

Korean Researchers Develop Fireproof Firefighter Drone That Climbs Walls (January 19, 2016): Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have developed a fireproof firefighter drone that flies an climbs walls.

Scientists Make 3D Glasses for Praying Mantises (January 7, 2016): Scientists have made 3D glasses for praying mantises. The glasses were used to confirm 3D vision in the insects.

Rice University Scientists Create Nanoscale Submarines (November 21, 2015): Scientists at Rice University have created fast moving nanoscale submarines powered by UV light. It's not quite The Fantastic Voyage, but it's a start.

MIT Autonomous Drone Avoids Objects Using Obstacle-Detection System (November 6, 2015): MIT researcher Andrew Barry developed a new obstacle-detection algorithm that enables autonomous drones to detect and avoid obstacles in real-time.

Scientists Control the Bubbles of Boiling Water (November 1, 2015): Scientists at MIT say they have found a way to control the bubles of boiling water using a small electric charge.

Scientists Develop Technique for Producing 3D Printed Plastic Hair (October 29, 2015): Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have developed a technique to 3D print hair-like strands.

Researchers Invent a Sonic Tractor Beam (October 27, 2015): Researchers from the University of Sussex have invented what they are calling a sonic tractor beam that uses holographic acoustic elements to levitate objects.

Cornell University Engineers Develop 3D-Printed Robotic Tentacles (October 24, 2015): Engineers at Cornell University have develop a method for 3D-printing robotic tentacles. An elastomeric material was used.

Harvard's RoboBee Can Now Dive and Swim Underwater (October 21, 2015): Harvard's insect robots, called RoboBees, can now swim underwater. The robots using a modified flapping technique when underwater.

Cornell Researchers Create Artificial Foam Heart (October 19, 2015): Cornell University researchers have created an artificial foam heart. A mold for the heart is created with a 3D printer.

PolyEyes 2.0 Device Lets Wearer See in 180 Degrees (October 19, 2015): A strange looking device called PolyEyes 2.0 lets users see in two directions at once.

Flying Drone and Walking Robot Work Together to Navigate a Room (October 18, 2015): A flying and walking robot work together to navigate a room and avoid obstacles.

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