The Multi-ton Megasquids are Coming

Posted on May 9, 2005

Yes, humans are doomed and the megasquids are destined to take our place -- if Dougal Dixon and John Adams authors of The Future is Wild are correct. But don't worry it won't happen anytime soon. The authors believe there might not only be gaint land squids but huge rodents and flying bumblebeetles as well. A recent article discusses this possible future and several others as well -- even ones where humans actually survive thanks to genetic engineering. Here is how MSNBC describes the vision from The Future is Wild:

In their vision, humans become extinct in an Ice Age 5 million years from now. "Shagrats," or giant rodents, and "gannet whales," large aquatic birds, have evolved during this stretch of time.

The Ice Age melts away 100 million years later, marking the beginning of the end of large mammals and giving rise to creatures like the "ocean phantom," a jellyfish the size of a truck; the "swampus," a relative of the octopus that emerges from swamps to feed; and the "toraton," a reptile bigger than dinosaurs.

In 200 million years, evolution brings bizarre animals like "flish," birds that evolved from fish; "bumblebeetles," beetles that fly; and "megasquid," multi-ton, land-based squid creatures.

"Squibbons," a hybrid squid-gibbon ape, live in trees, eat plants as well as flish and "represent the pinnacle of intelligent life on Earth," according to Dixon and Adams' vision.

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