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Deserts are a very harsh environment but they are hardly void of life. Some deserts spring to life with the slightest rainfall. New species are also frequently discovered in Earth's deserts. Deserts cover over 1/5 of the surface of the Earth according to National Geographic.

Study Finds Persian Gulf Climate May Become Too Hot for Humans
A new study from MIT and Loyola Marymount University has found that Climate Change may make the Persian Gulf too hot at times for humans to survive. (October 26, 2015)

Unique Reflective Hairs Keep Sarahan Silver Ants Cool
Scientists have discovered that sarahan silver ants have unique hairs hairs the help them stay cool in the hot desert sun. (June 19, 2015)

Video: Spoor Spider Uses Hot Desert Sand to Kill Captured Dune Ants
The Spoor spider uses the hot desert sand to help kill Dune ants it captures in its underground trap. (May 11, 2014)

New Earthworms Discovered in Gobi Desert
Two new sub-species of earthworms, Eisenia nordenskioldi mongol and E. (April 13, 2013)

Scientist Says Sand Termites Behind Desert Fairy Circles
German scientist Norbert Juergens, from the University of Hamburg, believes fairy circles in the Namibian desert are likely created by a sand termite named Psammotermes. (March 30, 2013)

Interest in Desert Rain Frog Surges Thanks to YouTube Video
This video of a desert rain frog (Breviceps macrops) has been viraling around the Internet, primarily because the frog looks cute and has an unusual squeaky call. (February 20, 2013)

Bahrain Desert Birds Build 100,000 Nests in Bahrain Desert
This video from BBC's Planet Earth shows how 100,000 Socotra Cormorants come to nest in the Bahrain Desert despite the scorching heat. (May 15, 2012)

The Hottest Spot on Earth: The Lut Desert in Iran
The satellite image above shows a portion of the Lut Desert in Iran captured in July, 1999. (April 11, 2012)

NASA's Landsat Satellites Spot Fields of Crops Springing Up in Syrian Desert
NASA's Landsat satellites have revealed that Saudi Arabia has tapped hidden reserves of water to grow wheat and other crops in the Syrian Desert. (March 30, 2012)

Microbial Oasis Discovered Beneath Dry Atacama Desert
Scientists have found microorganisms growing in salt crystals below the surface of the Atacama Desert in South America. (February 16, 2012)

The Strange Rubbing Boulders of the Atacama Desert
Geologist Jay Quade discovered an unusual geological process operating in a remote corner of northern Chile's Atacama Desert. (October 11, 2011)

Desert Cloud Forest Discovered in Oman
An MIT research team has discoved an unusual forest in Oman. (September 8, 2006)

World's Deserts are Expanding
China is not the only country that has to worry about desert creep. (May 25, 2006)