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Here are the latest posts about Dolphins on Science, Space & Robots:

Scientists Say Dolphins Respond to Individual Names
Dolphins reponse to individual names say scientists. Each dolphin has a signature whistle. (July 23, 2013)

Navy Dolphins Find Rare Brass 19th Century Torpedo
Navy dolphins found a rare torpedo off the coast of California. The brass torpedo was made in the late 1800s. (May 20, 2013)

Dolphins Can Sleep With Only Half Their Brain at a Time
A new study has found that dolphins sleep with only half of their brains at a time. (October 18, 2012)

Study Finds Mother Dolphins Teach Sponging to Daughters
A group of female dolphins in in Shark Bay, Western Australia use sponges as a tool. (October 17, 2012)

New Dolphin Species, Named Burrunan, Discovered in Australia
A new species of dolphin has been discovered off the coast of Melbourne, Australia. (September 16, 2011)

The End for the Baji?
The search for baiji, a rare white dolphin that lives in the Yangtze River, has ended in sad failure. (January 17, 2007)

Tall Hero Saves Dolphins
The BBC reports that Mongolian herdsman Bao Xishun was called in to help save two dolphins that swallowed plastic and had lost their appetite because of it. (December 15, 2006)

Dolphins Call Each Other By Unique Names
New research has found that bottlenose dolphins call each other by name using a unique whistle for each individual dolphin. (May 10, 2006)