Tall Hero Saves Dolphins

Posted on December 15, 2006

The BBC reports that Mongolian herdsman Bao Xishun was called in to help save two dolphins that swallowed plastic and had lost their appetite because of it. Veterinarians were unable to extract the plastic and they hoped Xishun would be able to reach the plastic shards.

The heads of the dolphins were held back and towels wrapped around their teeth so Mr Bao could not be bitten.

He then extended his 1.06m-long arm into the mammals' stomachs.

Chen Lujun, manager of Royal Jidi Ocean World, said Mr Bao was successful and the dolphins were "in very good condition now".

Local doctor Zhu Xiaoling told the state media agency Xinhua: "Some very small plastic pieces are still left in the dolphins' stomachs.

"However the dolphins will be able to digest these and are expected to recover soon."

Mr. Bao Xishun is the world's tallest living man at 7 feet and 8.95 inches. This news story shows Xishun standing next to several other people of normal height. He really towers above them.

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