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Here are the latest posts about Geckos on Science, Space & Robots:

New Gecko Species Named After Van Gogh
A newly discovered gecko species has been named after Van Gogh. The researchers were reminded of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. (March 30, 2024)

Two New Giant Bent-Toed Gecko Species Discovered in New Guinea
Two new species of giant bent-toed gecko species have been discovered in New Guinea. They belong to the gecko genus Cyrtodactylus. (March 7, 2016)

Future Robots May Use Gecko Grippers to Cling to Outside of the ISS
Future robots on the International Space Station may use a technology called Gecko Grippers which is inspired by how geckos climb. (August 18, 2015)

New Gecko Species Discovered in Madagascar
A new species of gecko has been discovered in Madagascar. It was discovered climbing on an old fort. (November 11, 2014)

Researchers Demonstrate Gecko-Inspired Geckskin Adhesive on Multiple Surfaces
Researchers from demonstrate how their gecko-inspired Geckskin adhesive can be used to stick objects onto many different types of surfaces. (April 26, 2014)

Gecko-inspired Robot Climbs Straight Up Walls
Researchers from Simon Fraser University created this little robot that can climb up smooth walls. (November 4, 2011)

Researchers Create Climbing Robot Inspired by Geckos
Researchers at Stanford Unviersity created Stickybot, a robot with sticky feet that was inspired by geckos. (July 28, 2010)