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H1N1 an influenza strain that sickened many people around the world in 2009. It was known as the swine flu because the virus first originated in pigs. Here is the latest H1N1 news from Science, Space and Robots:

Study Finds at Least One in Five Humans Contracted H1N1 in 2009
Scientists estimate that at least one in five people were infected in the first year of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. (January 25, 2013)

Study Finds H1N1 Killed Hundreds of Thousands Worldwide
There were 18,500 lab-confirmed deaths from the the 2009 pandemic influenza A H1N1 that were reported to the World Health Organization (WHO). (June 25, 2012)

H1N1 Inundates Hospitals As Vaccine Very Slowly Trickles In
The White House residently declared the H1N1 swine flu pandemic a national emergency and a USA Today article explains why. (October 26, 2009)

NBA Star LeBron James Catches Swine Flu
The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that NBA star LeBron James and two other players, Darnell Jackson and Coby Karl, have contracted an Influenza A virus. (October 15, 2009)

Worldwide Death Toll From H1N1 Swine Flu Passes 5,000
The Flucount site puts the global death toll from H1N1 at 5,000 and counting. (October 6, 2009)

FluCount Website Tracks H1N1 Swine Flu Cases and Deaths
A website called Flucount is attempting to track the cases and deaths of H1N1 swine flu around the world. (September 29, 2009)

White House: Swine Flu Could Kill 90,000 People This Year
Bloomberg reports that White House advisers say the H1N1 swine flu virus could kill 90,000 and hospitalize 1. (August 24, 2009)

47 Deaths From H1N1 Swine Flu in New York City
Deaths from H1N1 swine flu climbed to 47 in New York City as of July 7th. (July 8, 2009)

H1N1 Swine Flu Update 7-6-09
The latest swine flu update (#58) from the World Health Organization (WHO) has the case total approaching 100,000 confirmed cases. (July 6, 2009)

CDC: Fatality Rate for H1N1 Slightly Higher Than Seasonal Flu
The CDC believes that fatality rate for H1N1 swine flu is slightly higher than that of the seasonal flu. It is not yet known if there will be a summer break from the flu virus. (May 19, 2009)

CDC: 50,000 People May Have Swine Flu
WebMD reports that Daniel Jernigan, MD, PhD, deputy director of the CDC's influenza division says that more than 100,000 Americans probably have the flu and of these at least half probably have swine flu. (May 15, 2009)

WHO Update: 3440 Swine Flu Cases in 26 Countries
The World Health Organization says in its latest update that 26 countries have officially reported 3440 cases of influenza A (H1N1) infection. (May 9, 2009)

WHO Update: 1124 Swine Flu Cases in 21 Countries
The World Health Organization says in its latest update that 21 countries have officially reported 1124 cases of influenza A (H1N1) infection. (May 5, 2009)

Swine Flu Emerges Suddenly as Next Possible Pandemic
A serious outbreak of swine flu in Mexico that has killed 103 people could become the next pandemic according to experts at WHO and the CDC. (April 27, 2009)