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Here are the latest posts about Virgin Galactic on Science, Space & Robots:

Virgin Galactic Reveals VSS Unity Spaceship Interior
Virgin Galactic revealed the interior of its tourist ship VSS Unity in a livestream today. (July 28, 2020)

Virgin Galactic Unveils New VSS Unity Ship
Virgin Galactic has unveiled its new SpaceShip Two, the VSS Unity. The spacecraft was unveiled in Mojave, California. (February 19, 2016)

Virgin Galactic Completes Third Supersonic Test Flight
Virgin Galactic successfully completed its third supersonic test flight. This flight tested SpaceShipTwo's Reaction Control System (RCS) and new thermal protection coating. (January 11, 2014)

New NBC Reality Series Will Send Winner Into Space
A new NBC reality series, Space Race, will send the winner into space. NBC partnered with Virgin Galactic for the series. (October 5, 2013)

Justin Bieber Signs Up for Virgin Galactic Space Flight
Justin Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun have joined a list of early birds booking a space flight with Virgin Galactic. (June 6, 2013)

Virgin Galactic Makes Successful Test Flight
Virgin Galactic made its first successful rocket-powered test flight of SpaceShipTwo (SS2) today, Monday 4-29-13. (April 29, 2013)

Richard Branson Christens World's First Commercial Spaceport
British billionaire Richard Branson christened the world's first built from the ground up commercial spaceport in New Mexico yesterday. (October 18, 2011)