Tropical Storm Wilma Forms in the Caribbean

Posted on October 17, 2005

Tropical storm Wilma forecast cone from NHC The National Hurricane Center reports that Tropical Storm Wilma has formed in the Caribbean. This ties the 1933 record for the most named storms ever at 21. Wilma is currently forecast to strengthen to a hurricane and make a first landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula. Then Wilma is forecast to enter the Gulf of Mexico, so there is a potential U.S. threat from Wilma. Florida residents should keep an eye on Wilma since cold fronts often pick up tropical systems this time of year and move them north and northeast. Dr. Jeff Masters also blogs that a Florida landfall is a likely possibility. He also points out that Hurricane Stan, which caused devastation in Guatemala, is now the 30th deadliest hurricane. Over 400 deaths occurred from a massive mudslide created by Stan's heavy rains. The next storm names will come from the Greek alphabet: Alpha, Beta, etc.

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