UFO and Alien News

SETI to Investigate KIC 8462852 with Allen Telescope Array (October 20, 2015): SETI is going to point a telescope at KIC 8462852, the star that has ignited Dyson Sphere buzz.

NASA Releases Ebook Called Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication (May 23, 2014): NASA has released a 300-page ebook called Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication.

Theoretical Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku Says If Aliens Invade It Will Be Like Bambi Vs Godzilla (August 14, 2011):

Researchers: 361 to 38,000 Intelligent Civilizations in our Galaxy (February 5, 2009):

British Ministry of Defence to Release UFO Files (December 26, 2007):

Group Wants U.S. Government to Investigate UFOs (November 12, 2007):

Former British MoD Chief Concerned About Lack of UFO Surveillance (November 7, 2006):

British Ministry of Defense Hid Secret UFO Unit From Public (October 5, 2006):

NASA Hacker Says He Found UFO Photograph (May 8, 2006):

Flying Whales and Balloon Plants (March 23, 2006):

Google Powered UFO Map Site Launches (October 13, 2005):

60% of Americans Believe in Extraterrestrial Life (June 1, 2005):

Orange UFOs Spotted Over Melbourne (May 15, 2005):

UFO Special Seeing is Believing Hosted by Peter Jennings (February 24, 2005):

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