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SETI to Investigate KIC 8462852 with Allen Telescope Array (October 20, 2015): SETI is going to point a telescope at KIC 8462852, the star that has ignited Dyson Sphere buzz.

NASA Releases Ebook Called Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication (May 23, 2014): NASA has released a 300-page ebook called Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication.

Former UFO Investigator Nick Pope Talks Latest UFO Files Released by British MoD (July 15, 2012): Nick Pope investigated reports of UFO sightings for the British Government's Ministry of Defence from 1991 to 1994.

Strange Noise Phenomenon Reports Continue in 2012 (January 19, 2012): The Strange Noise Phenomenon involves reports of weird noises where no aircraft or storms appear to be present.

Theoretical Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku Says If Aliens Invade It Will Be Like Bambi Vs Godzilla (August 14, 2011): Dr. Michio Kaku says Hollywood has it wrong on alien invasions and that it would be like Bambi vs. Godzilla if they invade Earth. He says we should not advertise our existence.

Video Uploaded to YouTube Shows White Lights in Sky Above BBC Building (June 26, 2011): Video footage recorded above a BBC building in West London shows bright circular objects in the sky on a fairly clear day.

Researchers: 361 to 38,000 Intelligent Civilizations in our Galaxy (February 5, 2009): The BBC reports that report in the International Journal of Astrobiology estimates the number of intelligent civilizations in our galaxy is somewhere between 361 and 38,000.

Group Wants U.S. Government to Investigate UFOs (November 12, 2007): The BBC reports that a group of former pilots and government officials are calling on the U.

Former British MoD Chief Concerned About Lack of UFO Surveillance (November 7, 2006): The Daily Mail reports that Nick Pope, a former Ministry of Defence chief, is concerned that Britain is no longer monitoring UFO sightings leaving the country vulnerable to an alien invasion.

British Ministry of Defense Hid Secret UFO Unit From Public (October 5, 2006): The Guardian reports that new documents released thanks to the Freedom of Information Act have found that Britain's Ministry of Defense tried very hard to conceal a secret unit dedicated to protecting Earth from an alien invasion.

NASA Hacker Says He Found UFO Photograph (May 8, 2006): The BBC has an interesting interview with Gary McKinnon, a hacker accused of hacking into NASA and US military computer networks.

Flying Whales and Balloon Plants (March 23, 2006): Wired reports on a documentary project by National Geograpic to create fictitious alien life forms for a planet called Aurelia and lunar orb called Blue Moon.

Google Powered UFO Map Site Launches (October 13, 2005): A new website called UFO Maps combines UFO reports with a Google maps overlay.

60% of Americans Believe in Extraterrestrial Life (June 1, 2005): Almost two-thirds of Americans do believe that life exists on other planets, and of that group, 90% say if we receive a message from another planet we should reply.

UFO Special Seeing is Believing Hosted by Peter Jennings (February 24, 2005): Peter Jennings hosted a very interesting UFO special on ABC News called, Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs -- Seeing Is Believing.

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