U.S. Coronavirus Cases Pass 500 with 21 Deaths

Posted on March 8, 2020

The number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. has passed 500. There have been 21 deaths from the Covid-19 virus.

U.S. states and counties have been reporting new cases daily with new cases reported today in several states, including Washington, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Illinois. Washington and New York each have over 100 coronavirus cases and California is close at 96.

You can find a breakdown of cases by state on the BNO coronavirus tracker under the U.S. tab. The cases are expected to spike from new infections and increased testing in the coming days. The Grand Princess cruise ship with over 3,500 passengers will dock in Oakland tomorrow. CNN reports that 21 people on this ship have tested positive for the virus and additional cases are expected.

16 of the 21 U.S. coronavirus deaths are associated with the Kirkland Life Care Center in Washington state according to an update from the King County Public Health Department. A report yesterday in the Seattle Times says there were another 11 recent deaths at the facility but it is not known if these deaths were from the coronavirus.

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