Vermont Towns Totally Cut Off: National Guard Delivering Food and Water by Helicopter

Posted on September 1, 2011

The Associated Press' Robert Ray got to do a ride-along in a Blackhawk helicopter with Vermont's National Guard as they ran emergency provision drops all day around the state. Fair Haven airstrip is the staging ground for the National Guard, which is coordinating getting supplies to towns in Vermont that are totally cut off from the rest of the state. Roads to many towns were totally destroyed during Hurricane Irene.

In just one drop, 100 cases and 50 cases of food were delivered to the stranded citizens. The Illinois National Guard is also sending helicopters, crew and ground vehicles to help. Ray says Vermont really needs help. It's going to take a massive effort to gets road rebuilt before winter hits:

Update: An official Vermont website provides a lengthy list of the impacts to the state of Vermont from Irene. The list includes damage to 500 miles of state highway roads, 200 miles of rail and over 200 bridges. This is just the highways. There was also lots of damage to municipal roads and bridges.

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