Videos of Snakes Eating Eggs Go Viral

Posted on May 17, 2016

A couple videos of snakes eating eggs have viraled around the Internet lately. The videos include one of a snake eating eggs from a bird's nest after the mother has left. This is something snakes are known to do in the wild. Some snakes even feed exclusively on eggs. The other video shows a snake trying to eating an egg out of a basket in someone's kitchen.

This first video was recorded by Tan Nguyen. He was recording a time-lapse video of a bird's nest in a tree in his yard with a GoPro. He writes, "Was hoping to see the eggs hatch but instead this happened..."

After the bird flies off the snake appears. It had clearly been waiting for this opportunity. The snake crawls into the nest and quickly consumes the four eggs. It checks around to make sure it didn't miss any eggs before departing. Take a look:

A snake is also after eggs in this second viral video. The eggs happen to be in a basket in a human kitchen. The video was recorded last year by Robert Hildreth and Laura Neff of Charlotte, North Carolina. A rat snake crawls out of their spice cabinet and heads toward the basket of delicious eggs. It then starts trying to swallow one of the eggs. The couple says they managed to get the snake out of the house through a window. Take a look:

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