Wall Climbing Robots Weave Hammock-like Structure

Posted on August 13, 2016

Robots build hammock-like structure

Multiple robots can create structures using a carbon-fiber fabrication method thanks to a system developed by researchers at the University of Stuttgart Institute for Computational Design (ICD). The system was devised by graduate Maria Yablonina.

Architect and ICD director Achim Menges tells Dezeen, "We are only at the very beginning of exploring the true architectural potential of this fabrication system. But we are convinced that its main advantage is that you can build entirely new structures that would be impossible to materialise otherwise. Pragmatically, smaller robots will be cheaper and, in working collaboratively in larger numbers, faster than the established systems."

Two robots working together build the structure as they crawl along the walls. The fabrication method is dubbed "swarm construction." The robots release the carbon fiber and connect it to bolts in the wall as they move. Take a look:

Photo: University of Stuttgart