Walmart Unveils Futuristic Looking Truck at Mid-America Trucking Show

Posted on April 2, 2014

Walmart unveiled this sleek looking futuristic truck at the Mid-American Trucking Show. The truck is called the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience (WAVE). The vehicle's 53-foot-long trailer is built almost entirely from carbon fiber.

Walmart says this save nearly 4,000 pounds over traditional designs. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis was used by designers to create the shape which provies a 20% reduction in aerodynamic drag over Walmart's current truck, the Peterbilt Model 386. Walmart boasts that the new truck also has "an advanced turbine-powered range extending series hybrid powertrain, electrified auxiliary components, and sophisticated control systems."

Wired thinks it looks like a "smushed Corvette." Discovery News says the driver sits in the center of the cab. Here is a video explaining more about Walmart's cutting edge new truck design. Take a look:

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