Woman Slothified After Rescuing 200 Sloths in Suriname

Posted on June 8, 2013

Monique Pool, founder of the Green Heritage Fund Suriname, helped rescue over 200 sloths in Suriname after they were displaced when their habitat was destroyed. Conservation International reports that Monique was called when a 16.8-acre plot of land near Paramaribo, Suriname was being cleared for cattle raising. She was told several sloths had been found. However, Monique and her team found over 200 sloths and not just several. Monique became "slothified" after this point. Adults can be taken to a new forest location, but the babies need a couple months to gain strength before being relocated. Monique's home and backyard were filled with sloths, which is also her sloth sanctuary. Take a look:

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