World's Largest Indoor Aquarium Opens in Atlanta

Posted on November 23, 2005

Georgia Aquarium logoAtlanta is now home to the world's largest indoor aquarium. The new aquarium, called the Georgia Aquarium, holds 8 million gallons of water. CNN has been covering the story live and also has an article about the new aquarium as well as an interactive tour and photo galleries.
"We've been working on this for almost two years. We have 125,000 fish here to give us an opportunity to do something that nobody in this industry has ever done before," Marcus told a press conference.

The facility hosts five viewing galleries along with a 4-D movie theater that explores the sea creatures that inhabit both fresh- and saltwater around the globe.

The aquarium expects 2.4 million visitors in the first year and to bring $1 billion into the city over the next five years. (Full story)

So where did a landlocked city get all that saltwater? It's city water chemically treated with a product that's available at most pet stores.

The aquarium is also home to some large sea creatures including beluga whales named Niko and Gasper and some whale sharks. More information will be available on the Georgia Aquariums's website once it comes back online -- they are moving servers.

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