20 Snowiest Ski Resorts

Posted on January 18, 2008

Forbes.com has a great feature on the 20 snowiest ski resorts. Here's a quick list of the top ten with the average annual snow fall.
  1. Mt. Baker Ski Area, Washington - 641 inches
  2. Niseko resorts, Japan - 595 inches
  3. Alta Ski Area, Utah - 523 inches
  4. Alyeska Resort, Alaska - 513 inches
  5. Kirkwood Mountain Resort, California - 473 inches
  6. Stevens Pass, Washington - 471 inches
  7. Sugar Bowl, California - 464 inches
  8. Grand Targhee Resort, Wyoming - 463 inches
  9. Snowbird Ski Resort, Utah - 461 inches
  10. Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort, Oregon - 430 inches
That is a lot of snow to get each year! These resorts must have many days where people wake up to a fresh foot or more of new snow. No wonder these are also some of the top ski resorts.

Note: The Forbes story is no longer available.

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