Amateur Video of EF4 Tornado in Henryville, Indiana

Posted on March 5, 2012

Amateur video of the powerful EF4 tornado in Henryville, Indiana is starting to come in. The tornado was one of many that devastated towns in the midwest and south on Friday during a rare March tornado outbreak. CNN reports that the tornadoes killed at least 39 people, including a toddler initially found in critical condition in a field.

Indiana resident Danny O'Shea captured the EF4 Henryville tornado on his iPhone as he rode out the tornado in a stranger's basement. O'Shea shot the video out of a basement window. The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore interviewed O'Shea about his close-up recording. The second and third videos were shot by other Henryville residents. The fourth video was shot by Sam Lashley, a National Weather Service meteorologist. Take a look:

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