Boston Dynamics Unveils New Wheeled Robot Named Handle

Posted on February 28, 2017

Boston Dynamics has unveiled a new robot named Handle. The robot can accelerate and move quickly on its two wheels. It is quite dexterous as it moves side to side and spins around like a skater.

Handle can also perform leaps over obstacles and up onto tables. Handle also lifts up a crate with weights in it that weighs 100 lbs. The robot rolls easily down a small flight of stairs and travels over snow-covered grass without falling.

Boston Dynamics own founder and CEO Marc Raibert says Handle is a "nightmare-inducing robot." Raibert tells the Telegraph, "Handle uses many of the same dynamics, balance and mobile manipulation principles found in the quadruped and biped robots we build, but with only about 10 actuated joints, it is significantly less complex. Wheels are efficient on flat surfaces while legs can go almost anywhere: by combining wheels and legs Handle can have the best of both worlds."

It is hard to tell where the robot is facing. It gives the appearance it is moving backwards. It would certainly cause nightmares if it was armed. Take a look:

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