California Wildfire Burns Cars on Freeway

Posted on July 18, 2015

A wildfire in Southern California swept over Interstate 15 causing drivers to abandon their vehicles. KTLA 5 reports that about 20 vehicles were destroyed by the North Fire in Cajon Pass.

The burning vehicles included two big rigs. At least 70 vehicles were abandoned as drivers fled the fire. A helicopter could be seen dropping water on the vehicles in an attempt to put out the fire. KTLA says the burning cars resulted in gridlock and the closure of the freeway. The gridlock made it difficult for firefighters to get to areas threatened by the quick moving wildfire.

Talia Sclafani shared a photograph of a very scary moment on Twitter. Talia and her soccer teammates were traveling to San Diego when the fire forced them to abandon their van. They safely escaped the wildfire.

Drivers also use the 15 Freeway to get back and forth between Las Angeles and Los Vegas. This raw footage shows the burning vehicles on the freeway and a helicopter dropping water on them. Take a look:

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