Drought Turns Water in Texas Lake Blood Red

Posted on August 5, 2011

US Drought Monitor August 2 2011

Lakes are drying up in Texas from the massive and severe drought, which is starting to expand into neighboring states. Most of Texas is listed as D4 - Exceptional drought according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Weather.com says 32% of the Lower 48 States is in drought right now. The drought area makes up over 1 million square miles. The area of exceptional drought covers 340,000 square miles.

At the O.C. Fisher Reservoir near San Angelo, Texas the water has turned a reddish color. Scientists believe the red color is caused by a bacteria. A preacher (see here) and a couple young girls in the video below seem to think the red color is a biblical sign, but scientists from the Texas Department of Fish and Wildlife say the red color is caused by Chromatiaceae, a bacteria that thrive in conditions like this (low water levels plus warm weather).

All the fish in the lake are dead from oxygen deprviation. Take a look:

Image: USDA

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