Concern Grows Over Coronavirus Outbreak in Iran

Posted on February 22, 2020

Cases and deaths from the novel coronavirus are growing in Iran. There are least 28 confirmed cases and 5 deaths. However, there is concern that there could be many more cases and deaths. There are also concerns that the virus has spread to multiple cities in Iran.

An ABC News story says the original source for Iran's outbreak could be Chinese workers building a power plant in Qom. Qom is the location of Iran's first reported case.

Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist and professor at the University of Toronto, told CNBC, "The concern is that there may be significant numbers of undetected and unreported cases in Iran. And that this may be another potential global focus for disease exportation."

In the following video, Dr. John Campbell says he talked to his physician sources in Iran. His sources say there are more deaths in Iran than the 5 confirmed deaths. Campbell also says doctors are surprised at the high virulence and the rapid clinical deterioration in patients. He says he was also told to "please tell the world" about the terrible things happening in Iran. It could be that the Iranian doctors are only seeing the very worst cases and there are many more mild undetected cases.

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