Israeli Nanotechnology Company Plans to Turn Jellyfish Into Paper Towels and Tampons

Posted on April 19, 2014

An Israeli nanotechnology company, named Cine'al, is developing a technology that can turn jellyfish into paper towels and other products. The Times of Israel reports that that the product Cine'al makes from jellyfish is called Hydromash. Hydromash is described as a dry, strong material that is super absorbent. It can also be used to make diapers, tampons and sponges.

The Times of Israel story says the company uses nanomaterials to convert jellyfish into Hydromash. Nanoparticles are also added during the conversion process. The company should have plenty of jellies to work with. Jellyfish are considered a growing pest in some regions. The National Science Foundation issued a jellyfish report in 2008 which warned of the growing risk. The report says 500 million refrigerator-sized jellyfish float into the Sea of Japan daily during blooms. Jellyfish blooms can clog fishing lanes and fish farms. A nuclear reactor in Sweden had to shut down last year because jellyfish clogged up pipes that carry cooling water to the turbines.

Ofer Du-Nour, chairman and president of Cine'al, is not concerned about people not wanting to use diapers or tampons made from jellyfish. He says consumers probably won't even be aware their products are made from jellyfish. He tells The Times of Israel, "I'm not worried about this, and in many products it's likely that the consumer won't even know about it, similar to many other products with ingredients that are derived from animals and plants."

Du-Nuor also says, "There are too many jellyfish in the sea, and too many Pampers in landfills. Cine'al may have the ultimate answer to both those issues."

Here's a video about a giant swarm of jellyfish from National Geographic. Take a look:

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