MBARI Top Ten Deep-Sea Animals

Posted on September 12, 2020

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) asked five of its top deep-sea biologists to come up with a list of ten deep-sea animal favorites. Biologists Shannon Johnson, Kakani Katija, George Matsumoto, Bruce Robison, and Susan von Thun came up with this list.

The video includes video and information about each of the sea creatures.

  1. Barreleye Fish - a bizarre looking fish with a transparent head
  2. Vampire Squid - it gets name from vampires but doesn't drink blood
  3. Bloody Belly Comb Jelly - a stunning reddish flickering jelly that looks like a spaceship
  4. Pompeii worm - a fuzzy ocean worm that lives in hydrothermal vents
  5. Phronima Amphipod - a shrimp-like creature that eats other creatures from the inside out
  6. Feather Star - a creature with tentacles like feathers and a unique movement
  7. Strawberry Squid - a dotted squid that resembles a strawberry and has different sized eyes
  8. Pacific Viperfish - a long skinny fierce looking fish with teeth that sit outside its mouth
  9. Crossota Jelly - a deep-sea jelly resembling fireworks
  10. Tomopteris Worm - a fascinating undulating sea worm

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