New Atlas Robot Pushed, Prodded and Teased in Boston Dynamics Tests

Posted on February 24, 2016

Atlas robot being teased by roboticist at Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has unveiled the latest version of its humanoid Atlas robot. The new robot opens doors and has the best balance and dexterity yet of any of the Atlas roots.

The video released by Boston Dynamics begins with Atlas pushing opening a door and heading outside for a walk. It walks upright through the snow on its two legs in the woods. Atlas wobbles but manages to right itself and not fall even when it slips in the snow or encounters uneven terrain.

Next Atlas can be seen stacking some 10 lbs boxes on a shelf. This is where Boston Dynamics starts testing the robot. A Boston Dynamics roboticist wielding a hockey stick knocks one of the 10 lb boxes out of Atlas's hands and uses the stick to push Atlas backwards. Atlas doesn't fall over.

When Atlas tries to pick up the box again the man uses his hockey stick to tantalizingly slide the box just out of Atlas's reach. Undaunted, Atlas continues to pursue the box but the man keeps sliding it just out of its reach. Finally, Atlas is allowed to pick up the box unhindered.

In the last scene the same roboticist can be seen using a long wood pole to push Atlas causing him to fall face down on the floor. Atlas pushes itself off the floor in impressive fashion and heads for the door, opens it and walks outside. Take a look:

Image: Boston Dynamics/YouTube

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