New Danish Fungal Species Discovered Called Hebelomagriseopruinatum

Posted on September 4, 2012


A new Danish fungal species has been discovered called Hebelomagriseopruinatum. The name means "the gray-dewy tear leaf." The fungus was discovered in Denmark during a mushroom-hunting tour headed by Jacob Heilman-Clausen from the University of Copenhagen.

The fungus has been sighted once before in both England and Germany, but has not been described until the Danish discovery. The fungus was discovered in Eskebjerg Vesterlyng, which is described in the announcement as "an area of natural beauty with old grassy areas and scrub rich in species."

Jacob Heilman-Clausen said in the statement, "We regularly discover species never previously seen in Denmark, but it is quite extraordinary when a Danish fungus is described as new to the world."

Heilman-Clausen also says, "Edible fungi are very popular in Denmark, but only few people realise that fungi serve important functions in nature. They degrade dead material and ensure that nutrients are circulated to the system. And yet we still know very little about how many fungal species exist worldwide. Even in Denmark, there are still many discoveries like this waiting to be made."

A research paper about the new fungus was published here in the journal Fungal Diversity.

Photo: University of Copenhagen