Navy Engineers Unveil Futuristic Diving Helmets

Posted on June 9, 2016

Navy engineers have developed new diving helmets with a see-through head-up display (HUD). The display is called the Divers Augmented Vision Display (DAVD). It is embedded inside the diving helmet.

The system gives divers a real-time visual display of sector sonar, text messages, diagrams, photographs, augmented reality videos and more. The Navy says the real-time data makes Navy divers safer on missions.

Gallagher said in a statement, "By building this HUD directly inside the dive helmet instead of attaching a display on the outside, it can provide a capability similar to something from an 'Ironman' movie. You have everything you visually need right there within the helmet."

The HUD can be turned on and off. The system can be used on various diving missions including ship husbandry, underwater construction, and salvage operations.

Gallagher also says, "We constantly engage with the operators; if there is a vision they have, we can make it happen. By having this type of positive on-the-spot feedback, you know you're going down the right road."

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