RipStik: Outdoor Toy of the Year

Posted on April 11, 2008

RipStikThe RipStik Caster Board was awarded Outdoor Toy of the Year by the Toy Industry Association (TIA) during the T.O.T.Y (Toy of the Year) Awards Ceremony. The toy features a mechanical design that the manufacturer says "blends the carving of surfing and snowboarding into a sport for dry land."

Carlton Calvin, president of Razor USA, manufacturers of the RipStik, says in a statement, "We are thrilled that the RipStik has been selected for this T.O.T.Y award. The introduction of the RipStik has lead to a nationwide craze, with consumers of all ages carving on the streets, from Southern California to Florida and everywhere in between. This spring, RipStik fans can look forward to more RipStik products with exciting new features in stores nationwide."

Here are some of the features of the RipStik. There are a number of RipStik videos on YouTube. Surfing and snowboarding combined on a hard surface like dry land sounds like it could be a little dangerous. Be sure to wear your helmet and knee pads if you give it a go.

Photo: RipStik