Severe Tornado Outbreak Expected This Weekend in U.S.

Posted on April 14, 2012

A severe weather outbreak with dangerous life-threatening tornadoes is being forecast for this weekend in the U.S. NOAA's Storm Prediction Center has a high risk of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes today in the plains, followed by a moderate risk in Wisconsin tomorrow. There is also a large area of slight risk for dangerous tornadoes each day that stretches from Texas to Michigan.

The Weather Channel has released some high TOR:CON values (the TWC's estimate of the likelihood of tornado activity within a given time period) for this weekend that includes some rare 9s. TWC also sees the dangerous pattern lingering into Monday.

The NWS services has already issued a couple Particularly Dangerous Situation (PDS) Tornado Watches today for parts of Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. More PDS watches are likely throughout this dangerous weekend. You can find the current watches here. A good source for the most recent severe weather warnings in the U.S. is this page, which lists the most recent severe weather statements.

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