Strange Noise Phenomenon Reports Continue in 2012

Posted on January 19, 2012

The Strange Noise Phenomenon involves reports of weird noises where no aircraft or storms appear to be present. You can hear recordings of the videos from around the world here. Recordings of the eerie noises began in summer of 2011. Explanations for the noises include UFOs, thunder, HAARP, cloaked military aircraft and even the Trumpets of the Apocalypse. Nick Pope, who investigated reports of UFO sightings at the British Government's Ministry of Defence, offers two explanations for the unexplained noise.

Pope says, "One possibility is that we are dealing with some sort of atmospheric phenomenon involving thunder. Sound can behave in very funny ways. That's one option. Another option might be power lines. Under some circumstances we know power lines can make a humming and crackling sound. That may well explain some of these events."

It will probably get more difficult to ascertain what recordings of the strange sounds are genuine or fakes going forward, because the bigger the coverage of a phenomenon gets, the more hoax recordings there are likely to be. This ITN report begans with recordings of the strange noises in Kiev. Take a look: