U.S. Rainfall Potential From Hurricane Irma

Posted on September 8, 2017

Hurricane Irma Rainfall Potential

Rain should not be forgotten as a potential threat from Hurricane Irma. Rainfall and tropical storm force winds will begin in southern Florida well before the stronger hurricane winds arrive. Heavy rain can continue well after the core of the storm passes if a feeder band sets up over the same area. Inland flooding is one of the biggest killers with hurricanes.

The expected rainfall totals for Hurricane Irma are not nearly as bad as what we saw recently in Texas with Hurricane Harvey but it should not be discounted. A large portion of the state will receive 6 inches or more and most of South Florida is expecting at least 10 inches. All of the rain can accumulate in creeks and rivers and cause flash flooding. Rain will accumulate very quickly in the heavy bands. Flooding will also be a concern in Georgia and South Carolina as Harvey moves north.

The above graphic is from the Weather Prediction Center. The most recent version of the rainfall potential can also be found on the NHC website under Hurricane Irma.

Image: NOAA

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