Ancient Anchor May Have Been From One of Christopher Columbus' Ships

Posted on May 7, 2017

An ancient anchor found at a shipwreck in the Caribbean could have been from one of Christopher Columbus' ships. The anchor has been dated to between 1492 and 1550. The weight of the anchor also links it to a ship from the era of Columbus.

The anchor discovery was filmed and is part of an interesting new Discovery series called Cooper's Treasure. This series follows Darrell Miklos who is following charts and maps made by his good friend, former NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper, to find ancient shipwrecks. The episode where the anchor is found is called "The Columbus Collection." The episode can be found online here.

Cooper's maps indicate anomalies in the ocean that could indicate shipwrecks. This particular anomaly certainly did indicate a shipwreck. Miklos told Newsweek that it would take him 1,000 years to investigate all the anomalies on Cooper's map with just one crew and 50 years if he had 50 boats.

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