Australian Sheep Named Chris Sets Shearing Record

Posted on September 14, 2015

Chris the Sheep before being sheared

An Australian sheep named Chris had an enormous amount of wool sheared off him. Chris was sheared by five shearers who removed over 40 kilograms (88 pounds) of wool from the sheep that had been living in the wild.

BBC News reports that this amount is an unofficial world record. The sheep was rescued by ACT RSPCA. It was spotted roaming around parkland in north Canberra. The sheep had been without human contact for over five years. It was even seen near some kangaroos. The organization says the extremely woolly sheep could have died if it had not been sheared.

Chris the Sheep near some kangaroos

ACT RSPCA says in a statement, "While he could barely walk or fit through our paddock doors, our biggest fear was that he might have serious infections under that mass of wool. We needed to shear him as soon as possible. However, we were also unsure if he could live through this ordeal as he was clearly stressed and could die easily of shock."

Chris is now up for adoption. ABC News Australia reports that adoption offers are pouring in to the organization. The sheep is still undergoing daily vet checkups.

Take a look:

Here is a photograph of Chris after being sheared:

Chris the Sheep after being sheared


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