Covid-19 Kills 806 in New York City in Single Day

Posted on April 8, 2020

The Covid-19 coronavirus killed 806 people in New York City yesterday. This is by far the highest one day total yet for New York City.

Gothamist and KTLA are among the news resources reporting the record high. At least 4,000 have died in New York City since the outbreak began.

New York City's grim coronavirus fatality totals are likely to climb higher in the coming days due to a combination of the peak hitting and the inclusion of people dying in their homes. Hundreds of people are reportedly not making it to the hospital and dying in their homes. Deaths at home in New York City have climbed from in the 20s per day (before the pandemic) to over 200 per day. These additional deaths have not been counted as coronavirus due to a lack of testing. Gothamist reports that these deaths will be reported in future totals. It is likely to add thousands of additional coronavirus deaths.

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