101 Suspected Ebola Cases in Uganda

Posted on December 8, 2007

There is a serious outbreak of Ebola fever underway in Uganda. Reuters reports there are 101 suspected cases of Ebola with hundreds more being monitored. 22 people have died so far. 11 health workers are part of the group of people infected with the Ebola virus.

Uganda has 101 suspected cases of Ebola fever and hundreds more people being closely monitored, officials said on Friday, as fear grew in Uganda and neighbouring countries that the deadly virus might spread.

Twenty two people have so far died of the fever and Minister of State for primary health-care Dr. Emmanuel Otaala told journalists 11 health workers have fallen sick.

"Cumulatively, we have 101 cases," he said.

Another 338 people are being monitored because they came into contact with those infected by the virulent haemorrhagic fever, which often causes victims to bleed to death through the ears, eyes and other orifices.

Reuters says the last outbreak of the Ebola virus in Uganda was in 2000. During that outbreak 425 people were infected and half of them died. Here is a map of Uganda.

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