Florida Keys to Use Drones to Help Battle Mosquitoes

Posted on August 18, 2013

KeysNet reports that the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is planning to bring unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) into battles against mosquitoes. The drones will not be eliminating the mosquitoes directly. As Gizmag notes, "Nano-drones will not be dogfighting mosquitos one on one just yet, it seems." Perhaps, someday in the future tiny drones can protect us on our patios from the disease carrying insects.

The drones will be used to locate mosquito larvae in the Florida Keys. Killing mosquitoes at the source is likely the most effective control method. The 2.5-foot-long UAVs from Condor Aerial will seek out shallow pools of water containing mosquito larvae using infrared cameras. This water will then be treated with a larvicide to destroy the mosquitoes before they become adults. City employees will put the larvicide in the larvae-filled waters. The UAV won't be dropping payloads of larvicide into the water itself.

Condor Aerial's UAVs are originally designed for use by law enforcement and the military. Take a look:

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