Google Announces Project Bloks to Help Kids Learn Coding Fundamentals

Posted on July 11, 2016

Google has announced Project Bloks research project. The project is an open hardware platform designed to help kids learn programming basics. It is a modular system made up of electronic boards and programmable pucks.

Project Bloks includes pucks, Base Boards and a Brain Board. The Base Board reads the instructions in the pucks through a capacitive sensor. The Brain Board provide the power and connectivity. The individual pucks have different instructions such as turn on, turn off, move left, jump and play music.

The Verge reports that Google won't make Project Bloks toys directly. It will create the technology and platform and let third parties develop toys. The concept behind Google Bloks is similar to the Code-a-Pillar Fisher-Price introduced at CES 2016.

Take a look:

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