Hubble Images a Secluded Starburst Galaxy

Posted on July 19, 2016

Hubble has imaged a secluded starburst galaxy called MCG+07-33-027. A starburst galaxy is a galaxy that is undergoing explosive star formation. The galaxy (pictured on the left) is located about 300 million light-years from Earth.

NASA astronomers say a normal galaxy produces about 2 stars per year. Starburst galaxies can produce hundreds per year. Starburst galaxies need a huge reservoir of gas to form lots of new stars. The starburst period can sometimes be triggered when a galaxy collides with another galaxy. Astronomers do not think galaxy MCG+07-33-027 collided with one of its neighbors because it a rather isolated galaxy known as a field galaxy. They are still trying to determine the cause of the galaxy's starburst.

A larger version of the starburst galaxy can be found here.

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