Hurricane News: Page 3

This is page 3 of the hurricanes news archives.

Gustav: Cat 3 Winds and Surge Expected (September 1, 2008): A NOAA graphic shows the surface wind field of Hurricane Gustav.

Accuweather and NHC Forecast Paths for Gustav Differ in Gulf (August 27, 2008): The tale of two tracks.

NWS Reports Extensive Damage in South Padre Island (July 23, 2008): The National Weather Service out of Brownsville, Texas and South Padre Island, Texas is reporting news of extensive damage.

NHC Bullish on Wave Exiting Africa (July 20, 2008): The National Hurricane Center is very bullish on a wave that hasn't even exited Africa.

Powerful Hurricane Dean Threatens Jamaica (August 19, 2007): Jamaica is facing a serious threat from Hurricane Dean - a powerful category 4 hurricane that has tracked westward since it formed in the far eastern Atlantic.

2007 Hurricane Season Off to Fast Start (June 2, 2007): Two early named storms Andrea and Barry have the 2007 hurricane season off to a very fast start.

Max Mayfield Exits National Hurricane Center With Final Hurricane Warning (January 4, 2007): 2006 was 58-year-old National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield's last year with the National Hurricane Center.

Katrina-like Storm Hitting South Florida Would be a Catastrophe (May 9, 2006): A storm with Hurricane Katrina's size and strength would deal a catastrophic blow to Southern Florida.

Expert: Increase in Hurricane Activity Not a Cycle (April 11, 2006): The Palm Beach Post reports on a new research paper from Kerry Emanuel at MIT who believes that we are not in a hurricane cycle.

Warmer Oceans Create Stronger Hurricanes (March 22, 2006): Researchers have found that warmer sea surface temperatures are the main reason for the increase in strong hurricanes.

Brown Snow in Colorado (February 27, 2006): The Summit Daily News reports that the incredibly dry air in Northern Arizona has stirred up dust particles which has turn some of the snow falling in Colorado a brownish color.

Lots of Lightning in 2005's Major Hurricanes (January 17, 2006): We already know that the 2005 hurricane season shattered records but another mystery about the season was the amount of lightning is several of the year's major hurricanes.

Tropical Storm Zeta Forms Soutwest of Azores (December 30, 2005): This year's record breaking hurricane season has one trick left: Tropical Storm Zeta.

2005 Hurricane Season Shattered Records (December 19, 2005): The 2005 hurricane season was one for the record books as the number of named tropical storms and the number of powerful hurricanes trumped all other recorded years.

Epsilon Keeps Going and Going (December 6, 2005): The National Hurricane Center (NHC) continues to track Epsilon, the enduring December hurricane that is primarily a threat to ships at this point.

Delta Pounds Canary Islands. Epsilon Forms. (November 29, 2005): Delta battered the Canary Islands killing seven and leaving hundreds of thousands without power.

Yet Another Tropical Storm (November 22, 2005): Another tropical storm is brewing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Tropical Storm Gamma Threatens Florida (November 18, 2005): Yet another tropical system has formed in the Caribbean.

Beta Causes Damage in Flooding in Nicaragua (November 1, 2005): Hurricane Beta made landfall on the central coast of Nicaragua as a Cat 2 over the weekend and caused significant damage according to an article in the Edmonton Sun.

Tropical Storm Beta Forms in Caribbean (October 27, 2005): Tropical Storm Beta, the 23rd named storm of this extraordinarily busy year, has formed in the Caribbean.

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