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Irene Makes Landfall in New York City as a Tropical Storm (August 28, 2011): Irene was downgraded to a tropical storm before making landfall in New York City.

Hurricane Irene Makes Landfall Along Coast of New Jersey Near Little Egg Inlet (August 28, 2011): The National Hurricane Center reports that Hurricane Irene made landfall along the coast of New Jersey near Little Egg Inlet as a category one hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph and a minimum pressure of 960.

First Downed Tree Report in Virginia From Hurricane Irene (August 27, 2011): Some of Hurricane Irene's outer bands are edging their way into Virginia.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Orders Mandatory Evacuations for Hurricane Irene (August 26, 2011): WYNC reports that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered a mandatory evacuation of Zone A, the city's low-lying areas.

Hurricane Irene Slightly Weaker, Hurricane Warnings Issued for U.S. East Coast (August 26, 2011): The National Hurricane Center (NHC) continues to forecast Hurricane Ike to impact the North Carolina coast (particularly the Outer Banks) and then continue up the coast where it will likely deliver a severe blow to the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

Video of Major Hurricane Irene from International Space Station (August 25, 2011): The International Space Station captured this footage of powerful Hurricane Irene from 230 miles above the Earth.

NASA's TRMM Satellite Captures Image of Hurricane Irene (August 25, 2011): NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite passed over Hurricane Irene at 15:42 UTC (11:42 a.

HPC Warns of Potential for Massive Disruptions to Society and Commerce With Hurricane Irene (August 25, 2011): The chance of Hurricane Irene impacting the cities in the Northeast U.

Photo of Hurricane Irene as a Category 3 From International Space Station (August 25, 2011): US Astronaut Ron Garan (@astro_ron) took this photograph of Hurricane Irene from the International Space Station (ISS) at 3:14PM EST on Wednesday, 24 August 2011.

NOAA Predicts Above Normal Atlantic Hurricane Season (May 21, 2011): NOAA is forecasting an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season.

International Space Station Captures Hurricane Igor (September 13, 2010): Cameras mounted on the International Space Station captured Hurricane Igor heading westward over the Atlantic Ocean.

National Hurricane Center Bill Read Talks Hurricanes and Oil Spill (May 26, 2010): Bill Read, the director of the National Hurricane Center, says the oil spill in the Gulf is unlikely to have much of an impact on hurricane formation in the Gulf of Mexico this season.

Slow Start to Atlantic Hurricane Season (August 1, 2009): The Atlantic hurricane season could not be off to a slower start with zero named storms through July.

Galveston is Temporarily Uninhabitable After Hurricane Ike (September 14, 2008): The aftermath of Hurricane Ike is starting to set in.

Hurricane Ike Resources and Tools (September 12, 2008): Hurricane Ike is a monster storm with hurricane force winds that extend out 120 miles and tropical winds force that extend out 275 miles.

Hurricane Ike Threatens South Florida (September 4, 2008): The latest five-day forecast from the National Hurricane Center takes Hurricane Ike directly into South Florida.

Gustav: Cat 3 Winds and Surge Expected (September 1, 2008): A NOAA graphic shows the surface wind field of Hurricane Gustav.

Accuweather and NHC Forecast Paths for Gustav Differ in Gulf (August 27, 2008): The tale of two tracks.

NWS Reports Extensive Damage in South Padre Island (July 23, 2008): The National Weather Service out of Brownsville, Texas and South Padre Island, Texas is reporting news of extensive damage.

NHC Bullish on Wave Exiting Africa (July 20, 2008): The National Hurricane Center is very bullish on a wave that hasn't even exited Africa.

Powerful Hurricane Dean Threatens Jamaica (August 19, 2007): Jamaica is facing a serious threat from Hurricane Dean - a powerful category 4 hurricane that has tracked westward since it formed in the far eastern Atlantic.

2007 Hurricane Season Off to Fast Start (June 2, 2007): Two early named storms Andrea and Barry have the 2007 hurricane season off to a very fast start.

Max Mayfield Exits National Hurricane Center With Final Hurricane Warning (January 4, 2007): 2006 was 58-year-old National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield's last year with the National Hurricane Center.

Katrina-like Storm Hitting South Florida Would be a Catastrophe (May 9, 2006): A storm with Hurricane Katrina's size and strength would deal a catastrophic blow to Southern Florida.

Expert: Increase in Hurricane Activity Not a Cycle (April 11, 2006): The Palm Beach Post reports on a new research paper from Kerry Emanuel at MIT who believes that we are not in a hurricane cycle.

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