CDC Study Finds Leafy Greens Top Source of Food Poisoning

Posted on January 29, 2013

A new CDC study has found that leafy greens are the top source of food poisoning. The report analyzed food poisoning illnesses between 1998 and 2008. You can find the complete report here. 1 in 5 foodborne illnesses were linked to leafy green vegetables, which was more than any other type of food.

The CDC also has an interest report here that shows the top foodborne pathogens in 2011. The dreaded norovirus was the main culprit. It caused 58% off all domestically acquired foodborne illnesses in 2011, according to CDC estimates. Noroviruses linked to food sickened over 5 million 2011, but it was second when it came to domestically acquired foodborne illnesses resulting in hospitalization. It was Salmonella, nontyphoidal that sent the most people to the hospital in 2011.

The CDC says contaminated leafy greens may cause the most illnesses, but it is contaminated poultry that causes the most deaths. Take a look:

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