Mystery Over Mass Elephant Deaths in Botswana

Posted on July 9, 2020

There are hundreds of elephants dying in Bostwana and experts are not yet sure why. A report on the deaths (PDF file) was submitted to the government of Botswana by Elephants Without Borders.

The New York Times reports that the elephant mass die-off has been estimated by fly overs. It is not believed to be poaching because the tusks are still on the dead elephants.

There is concern it could be anthrax or another disease.

Mark Hiley, the director of rescue operations at National Park Rescue, told the Times that elephant carcasses, soil and waterways will need to be studied to see what it is causing the deaths. Investigations are slowed by the coronavirus epidemic.

Update: The deaths were caused by cyanobacteria according to a BBC News story.

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