Massive Landslide Buries Part of Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur

Posted on May 23, 2017

A massive landslide has buried part of the coastal highway in Big Sur, California. The highway is now buried underneath tons of rock and dirt as the landslide continues.

Caltrans District 5‏ Twitter account writes, "No words needed but here's a few: million tons of rock/dirt, about 1/3 mile of roadway covered 35-40 feet deep. Mother Nature hard at work."

Caltrans District 5 spokesman Jim Shivers tells the L.A. Times, "We were fearful because there was potential for additional slides. We didn't think it would be the magnitude of this."

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that this portion of the road was already closed due to other recent landslides. The following video was released by the Monterey County Sheriff's Office. Take a look:

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