More Dairy Farmers Are Buying Waterbeds for Cows

Posted on July 20, 2012

More dairy farmers are tying out the growing dairy farming trend of giving cows waterbeds. Farmers say the comfy waterbeds result in happier cows. Cows using waterbeds get less sores. The rubber beds also harbor less bacteria. The waterbeds are also more cost effective today, considering the rising price of grass seed, which is used in traditional cow beds.

Farmer Ben Van Loon at Van Loon Dairy in Oregon told KGW that the positives with the waterbeds are "phenomenal." Van Loon Dairy bought 100 waterbeds for their cows in January and liked the results so much they ordered another 200 so that all their cows can have waterbeds.

Here's an updated look at the specialty cow beds from HLN:

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