New Scorpion Species Discovered in Southwestern Turkey

Posted on November 8, 2013

A new scorpion species, Euscorpius lycius, has been discovered in Southwestern Turkey.It belongs to the Euscorpius genus of scorpions, which are commonly referred to as small wood-scorpions. There are now five known scorpion species from this genus in Turkey.

The new species is named after the historical region of Ancient Lycia, which is referenced in Egyptian and Ancient Greek myths. It is said to be secretive and can mainly be found at night in pine forests. The largest members of the species reach about 5 centimeters in length. They have a weak poison that is about as strong as a mosquito bite. The color of the adult scorpion is pale, between brown and reddish. Its pedipalps (claws) are usually darker than the rest of the body

Dr. Yağmur, the lead author of the study, says in a statement, "A total of 26 specimens belonging to the new species were collected from Antalya and Muğla Province, in the south-west of Turkey. Further studies are in progress to understand the quantity and distribution of the different species and populations of the genus Euscorpius in Turkey and their relationship with the Greek populations."

The research was published here in ZooKeys.

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