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New Porcelain Crab Species Discovered in Colombia
A new species of porcelain crab has been discovered in Colombia. It was long confused with another very similar species. (September 12, 2017)

New Crab Species is Covered in Star-Shaped Tubercles
A newly discovered species of crab is covered in star-shaped tubercles. The crab species has been found in Taiwan and the Philippines. (August 29, 2017)

Tiny New Species of Tree Climbing Crab Discovered in Hong Kong
A new species of tree climbing crab has been discovered in Hong Kong. It is named Haberma tingkok (May 5, 2017)

Ancient Sea Scorpion Slashed Prey With Serrated Tail Spine
The ancient sea scorpion grew up to three meters in length and attacked using its serrated tail spine. (April 25, 2017)

Candy-Striped Hermit Crab Discovered in Caribbean
The Candy-Striped Hermit Crab is a new hermit crab species that was discovered in the Caribbean by scientists. (January 27, 2017)

New Pea Crab Species Named After Two-Faced Roman God Janus
A new pea crab species Serenotheres janus was discovered inside a date mussel (October 24, 2016)

Scientists Discover New Crab Species in Chinese Pet Market
A new species of crab has been discovered in a Chinese pet market. It is also a new genus. (September 7, 2016)

Pelagic Red Crabs Invade Monterey Bay Beaches
Large numbers of Pelagic red crabs have invaded the Monterey Bay beaches. El Nino is to blame. (May 25, 2016)

Scientists Find Swarming Red Crabs on Seafloor
Scientists have found swarming red crabs on the seafloor. Thousands of the crabs were seen swarming by researchers during an expedition. (April 12, 2016)

Hairy Antarctic Hoff Crab Gets Formal Scientific Name
Scientists have given a hairy Antarctic crab that was nicknamed The Hoff a formal scientific name. (July 10, 2015)

Thousands of Red Crabs Stranded on Southern California Beaches
Thousands of red crabs have been washing up on beaches in Southern California. They are red pelagic crabs. (June 17, 2015)

New Gall Crab Species Discovered
A new species of gall crabs that live in coral have been discovered. The gall crabs can be found in Indonesia and Malaysia. (May 21, 2015)

First Coconut Crab Spotted in Hawaii Since 1989
A coconut crab was located and captured on Oahu. It is the first crab of its kind found on the island over 20 years. (December 27, 2014)

Crabster CR200 Robot is a Crab-like Robot Designed for Underwater Exploration
KIOST's giant crab-like robot takes a walk in this video. The car-sized Crabster CR200 is designed to walk on the ocean floor. (April 20, 2014)

Korean Researchers Building Car-Sized Crab Robots to Explore Ocean Floor
Korean researchers are developing car-sized crab robots to explore the ocean floor. The robots are called Crabster. (July 21, 2013)

Hermit Crabs Socialize to Trade Up for Larger Shells
University of California, Berkeley, biologist Mark Laidre has discovered that terrestrial hermit crabs socialize to trade up for larger shells. (October 26, 2012)

Video: Hoff Crabs Battle for Best Positions Near Volcanic Vent
The Hoff crab is a new species of crab discovered earlier this year. (September 22, 2012)

Study Finds Deep-sea Crabs Locate Food With Ultraviolet Vision
Researchers have discovered that some deep-sea crabs use ultraviolet vision to find food. (September 6, 2012)

Purple River Crabs Discovered on Philippine Island of Palawan
Scientists at the Senckenberg Research Institute in Dresden and De La Salle University in Manila have discovered four new species of colorful Insulamon freshwater crabs on the Philippine island of Palawan. (April 23, 2012)

Scientists Use Crabs to Make a Computer
Scientists have built a computer using soldier crabs. (April 17, 2012)

Deap-Sea Spider Crabs on Axial Seamount
This video from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute shows a group of deep-sea sider crabs eating a dead jelly that has sunk to to the seafloor. (June 8, 2011)

Be Careful When Handling Crabs
The German Press Agency is reporting that a man in Singapore died after he obtained a case of flesh-eating bacteria called Vibrio when the crab he was preparing for supper pricked him. (April 16, 2007)