Early Fatality Rates by Age Group for U.S. Coronavirus Cases

Posted on March 15, 2020

There have been some recent reports that younger people are getting the serious pneumonia from the Covid-19 coronavirus. A Mother Jones report says half the 300 people in intensive care in France are under age 60. And a report out of the Netherlands says most ICU patients are under 50.

An ABC News story provides an early breakdown of ages of people based on information collected by the Medical Unit at ABC News.

Note: This data is not based on very many cases. It also may also be skewed older because many of the earliest cases are from a Washington nursing facility where at least 25 patients have died from the virus.

The news out of France and the Netherlands is not a complete surprise. Young adults and middle-aged adults are at less risk from the virus but they are not immune from serious illness or death. There will be cases and deaths in all age groups if this spreads widely in the U.S. Most of the serious cases and deaths will be older patients.

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